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Develop Awards 2018


Runner Duck Games won the New Studio award at the Develop Awards 2018.


Bomber Crew by Runner Duck Games | Press Kit - Updated October 2018

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Gameplay Footage & Trailers

Set in the European bombing campaign of World War 2, Bomber Crew tasks players with recruiting, equipping, training and commanding their own unique crew through hazardous bombing raids... and bringing them home again!


Underneath its charming, bright appearance, Bomber Crew is a complex management simulation, with depth extending to simulated hydraulics and electrics systems, not to mention a comprehensive aircraft damage model.


Bomber Crew stands out in the crew management genre by presenting players with frantic real-time action, conveying the pressure that the real crews of the RAF found themselves under.


Through daring and dangerous escapades, players grow attached to their customised crews - as members survive each mission, they learn new skills and abilities, making their demise all the more meaningful.


Can you keep your mighty Lancaster and her precious crew safe and guide them through to the war's grand finale and ultimate victory?





Runner Duck Games is a two-person Indie game studio formed by Jon Wingrove (Programmer) and Dave Miller (Artist), based in Brighton, UK.


Bomber Crew is available now for PC and consoles, published by Curve Digital.


Release dates:

Steam (PC / Mac / Linux)
19th October 2017

PS4 / XBOX ONE / Nintendo Switch 10th July 2018

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(email hello@curve-digital.com)

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About Runner Duck Games

Awards and Recognition

Jon Wingrove (Programmer) and Dave Miller (Artist) met in 2011 in Brighton UK. working in the games industry for around 15 years at companies including Codemasters and Relentless Software. They immediately worked well together, having both had the experience of making games for fun as kids - and have worked as a team ever since.


With the prospect of a long career in F2P-mobile-word-games looming, and the desire to create projects they could feel passion for, they made the leap and founded Runner Duck Games in January of 2017.


It was a gamble that has paid off!


Having always held a fascination with World War 2 aircraft, (due to his Great Uncle serving as a navigator in a real life bomber crew), Dave had been toying with ideas for a game exploring the subject for some time. Once he got together with Jon to develop those ideas, they became the core concept for a game based on the experiences of WW2 aircrews.


After striking a publishing deal with Curve Digital, they released their debut title, Bomber Crew to huge success, hitting the number one spot on the Steam 'Top Sellers' chart. It recouped its entire development and marketing budget in the first three days of release, and went on to gross $1 Million by the end of the week.


Runner Duck quickly followed on that success by developing and releasing the 'Secret Weapons' DLC mission pack in December 2017.


With the success of Bomber Crew, Runner Duck's future as a studio is secured. A further DLC mission pack is due for release on Steam on 23 October 2018, after which the studio will begin work on their follow up title.



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